R.U.R.A.L RECORDSZ ENTERTAINMENT or Realest Underground Rhymes, Artist & Lyrics Recordsz is an independent recording label in the Philippines, Founded & Established By the 2 Brothers from Santa Ana Manila, James "GENOCIDE" Rodil And Franz "G' RHYME" Rodil. R.U.R.A.L RECORDSZ ENT., formerly, G Nation Philippines, is the home of the realest Filipino artist. Now currently located at Santa Ana, Manila Philippines and still struggling to be recognized world wide. It is beyond reasonable doubt that R.U.R.A.L RECORDSZ ENT. is one of the most aspiring independent record label in the Philippines that is set to the new face of music of the youth today, the hip-hop, Rap, Pinoy Rap & R&B Genre.

R.U.R.A.L Recordsz Entertainment's BRIEF HISTORY:

The indie record label was established originally in the Year 2006, but because of some unfortunate turn of events, the existence of the label existed in the year 2007. The First ever RURAL lab was created at a bedroom of the house of the Rodil family. It was located at Batangas. It was then decided that the label’s name was RURAL because it was easy to remember, it’s unique and it totally describes the location of the label. Just right after the indie label was born, Keep It Locked Beats, a beat producing team exclusively for R.U.R.A.L (the In-house production team of R.U.R.A.L lead by Genocide) existed also. The first ever artist of RURAL was “XO ICY” a rap crew that was comprised of 6 male members (Genocide, G’Rhyme, Jayman, Jinx One, Jopak & Lil Fink). Using only a computer, a dynamic mic, an oldschool mic preamp and a steel ladder (used as mic stand) the label was able to release the first ever RURAL produced song titled “Hanggang Saan Ang Kaya Mo (Sukatan Ng Galing)” (released 2007). It was a song by XO ICY from their 1st mixtape “Straight To Tha Point” (released in selected stores October 2007).


After releasing the Straight To Tha Point mixtape and spreading the word, Genocide & G’Rhyme decided to continue the operation of the label at Santa Ana, Manila because of much diverse connections, clienteles & recognition. By that time, the founders also decided to change the definition of RURAL. they decided to make it an acronym for “REALEST UNDERGROUND RHYMES, ARTIST & LYRICS. On september 2008 The new RURAL Lab at Santa Ana, Manila was fully operational. boasting of the new facility (treated vocal booth) new sound equipments (condenser mics, mixer, preamp, Midi keyboard, DAWS etc.) Original bangin’ beats (produced by Super Producer James Genocide.) & the perfect process of producing a song, The label was definitely ahead of the game.


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