Watch out for FLY TO THE SKY music video

One of the most anticipated music video in the local scene of Philippine Hiphop. Fly To The Sky by XO ICY featuring Juan Castellano.

New Album XO SEASON in stores now!

It's XO ICY boys: James Genocide, G'Rhyme and Young Mac's second album featuring 16 blazin tracks with various artist.

The Rawest E.P. by James Genocide

featuring Classic Hip-hop music. A 5 tracks EP from yours truly: Super Producer James Genocide.

New Realest Clothing Co. models

New Rural Solid shirt design by Realest. Get your Swag right! Buy now! for orders just text: 0917-403-7628.


Check out the hood and the streets and see whos been throwing up that R Signs. R SIGNS UP!!.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Expect big changes and new features!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Til JULY 7 pa ang submission of entries!! pwede pang humabol and SHOW THEM WHAT U GOT! MAG PA-PICTURE NA NG NAKA R-SIGN AT I-UPLOAD SA PAGE NAMIN SA:

This will be the last R-SIGN Online Contest Update. And the LATEST GOOD NEWS is that, we've already reached the 200 mark and we're giving away the unlocked Prizes as promised which is the hottest ear-buds on the market today and that is, BEATS tour by DR. DRE!!! and the best part is, we will be also giving away t shirts, sponsored of course, by REALEST CLOTHING CO. so what are y'all waiting for?!! you can still join the contest at humabol dahil til JULY 7 pa ang submission of entriest!! KAYA SALI NA!! PICTURAN na with your R SIGNS UP!!!

*PARAMIHAN NG LIKES ANG CONTEST NA ITO KAYA I-SHARE, I-TAG at IPA-LIKE ANG R-SIGN PIC ENTRY MO SA FRIENDS MO DITO SA FB. "The more likes sa pic mo, the more chances of winning the brand new cellphone!" (This contest is from may 7 to july 7 only!)


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